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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

Safeguards Information and Evaluation

The IAEA has available a broad range of information about States' nuclear programmes which it uses to perform safeguards State evaluations. These evaluations, and the independent review of their findings, are a key element of planning safeguards activities in a State and are fundamental to the process of deriving safeguards conclusions about the non-diversion of nuclear material placed under safeguards and, where appropriate, about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in a State.

Declaration pursuant to an additional protocol: Documents and information that is sent to the IAEA by a nation about its nuclear program and the related activities. More.
IAEA Annual Report: A report submitted by the IAEA Board of Governors to the General Conference of the IAEA that is produced once per year and is available publically online. More.
IAEA Safeguards Information System (ISIS): A computerized system for processing information in support of safeguards implementation, such as nuclear material accounting information, design information, inspection reports, authority files (defining installations, facilities and material balance areas), and management information. More.
Illicit Trafficking Database : An international database maintained by the IAEA in co-operation with participating Member States; it reflects all reported incidents of illicit trafficking in nuclear material and other radioactive sources. More.
Initial report: An IAEA report that is provided within 30 days of the last day of the month in which an agreement enters into force between a state and the subject safeguards. More.
Material balance report (MBR) : An inventory and accounting report that shows the nuclear materials and the physical measured properties for materials presented inside the MBA. More.
Open source information: Information that is readily available to the public. More.
Operating report: A report by the State to the IAEA on the operation of a facility in connection with the use and handling of nuclear material. More.
Physical inventory listing (PIL): A report provided by the State to the IAEA in connection with a physical inventory taking by the operator. More.
Physical model of a nuclear fuel cycle: A detailed overview of the nuclear fuel cycle, identifying, describing and characterizing every known technical process for converting nuclear source material to weapon usable material, and descriptions of each step. More.
Safeguards conclusions: Conclusions drawn by the IAEA on the basis of findings from its verification and evaluation activities. More.
Safeguards effectiveness evaluation: The process performed by the IAEA were it is evaluated the extent that the safeguards are being implemented within a State to achieve the safeguards objective. More.
Safeguards information: Information relevant to IAEA safeguards implementation available to the IAEA. Obtained from the State supplied information, information obtained through the IAEA’s work, and through other third parties. More.
Safeguards State evaluation: A continuous process of evaluating all information available to the IAEA about a State's nuclear program and related activities for the purposes of planning safeguards activities in the State and of drawing conclusions about the non-diversion of nuclear material placed under safeguards and about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in the State. More.
Safeguards State evaluation report : An internal report documenting periodically the findings of the IAEA's safeguards evaluations performed for a State. More.