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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal
Technical Safeguards Terminology

Description: This reference module presents the language and vocabulary used within the nuclear safeguards community.  The starting point for this list of terms and definitions is the IAEA Safeguards Glossary: 2001 Edition (PDF).

Purpose:  To provide additional context for the definitions given in the IAEA document and additional resources for members of the safeguards community. 

This reference module consists of the following sections:

  1. Purpose, Objective, and Scope of IAEA Safeguards
  2. Safeguards Approaches, Concepts, and Measures
  3. Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Material: Basic Terms
  4. Nuclear and Nuclear-Related Activities and Installations
  5. Nuclear Material Accountancy
  6. Nuclear Material Measurement Techniques and Equipment
  7. Containment, Surveillance, and Monitoring
  8. Environmental Sampling
  9. Safeguards Information and Evaluation
  10. Spent Nuclear Fuel Safeguards
  11. Index of Terms