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Nuclear Safeguards Education Portal

nuclear security regime

includes a range of elements and activities, including: legislation and regulation; intelligence gathering; assessment of the threat to radioactive material and associated locations and facilities; administrative systems; various technical hardware systems; response capabilities and mitigation activities. No single government or industry organization or subsection of such an organization can address these elements in isolation (Source:  IAEA Nuclear Security Series, No.7). 

Guidance on nuclear security regime can be found in IAEA Nuclear Security Series No. 20: Objective and Essential Elements of a State's Nuclear Security Regime.  This document defines the nuclear security regime as follows:

"A regime comprising:

  • The legislative and regulatory framework and administrative systems and measures governing the nuclear security of nuclear material, other radioactive material, associated facilities and associated activities;
  • The institutions and organizations within the State responsible for ensuring the implementation of the legislative and regulatory framework and administrative systems of nuclear security;
  • Nuclear security systems and nuclear security measures for the prevention of, detection of and response to nuclear security events."